4 of my best Universal Apple Apps

I would like to briefly introduce my best 4 universal (iOS, iPadOS, macOS) Apple apps. Which will be very popular in 2022. With this post I just want to show what is possible with Swift, UIKit or even SwiftUI and inspire others.

Rabby Do

This iPhone app is a ToDo app where you can create lists of related tasks! This app uses iCloud, so you can sync the data between different iOS and macOS devices!


Stint Fox

The Stint Fox is developed entirely with SwiftUI. It is a small household book and a good companion to keep track of your finances. You can test the app for free and then unlock several features.


Sail Learn

This App is only in German (for Germany, Austria & Switzerland). This App is about sailing, sailing theory and the rules on the water. It also has some quiz where you can test your knowledge! (There is also an alternative App for Linux, macOS & Windows)


Marine Converter

The Marine Converter App converts the nautical units. A wonderful companion for quickly and easily calculating the units at sea or on land. The app is worldwide available.


These were one of my best apps of 2022, i.e. the most used and downloaded.

Happy New Year 2023 🎉!



Software ( Swift & 🐍 Python) Developer

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