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For a long time I thought about how I can store arrays in AppStorage. My intention was to pass an array from the app to the widgets. In the following I will present my solution. With my solution I can store String, Int, Double and even UIColor arrays.

I create…

I find it difficult to write about myself. I hereby reveal my condition and condition as a Swift programmer. First of all, I love programming and especially with Apple’s Swift programming language.

I really appreciate the Swift (iOS) community, but I’m very introverted and also a little shy. That prevents…

iOS Love

After all the weeks in which SwiftUI 2.0 has been released, I’ll comment on it in this article. SwiftUI is excellent, but it also shows shortcomings at the moment.

I love programming apps, be it for iPhones or Macs and that’s one of the shortcomings. If I program a SwiftUI…

Flutter Frameword & Dart Language

I recommend The Flutter Framework from Google to anyone who wants to create simple mobile apps for iOS and Android at the same time. The code is written in Dart, then it is compilable for iOS and Android. Flutter and Dart is still very young and is being further developed by Google.

The iOS app will then compiled via CocoaPods and Android will recognize the programming language Dart. Flutter uses widgets and everything is written and coded in widgets.

As an iOS Developer, I wanted to think outside the box and am satisfied with the Flutter Framework. Of course, the framework still shows limits, since it is still so young. Nevertheless I have to take the hat off to the Flutter development team, because they have done a good job so far.

Godot Engine

I love developing small but nice mobile games. Predominantly for iOS, but since SpriteKit and SceneKit show borders, I have opted for an engine. Godot Engine is open source, that makes that engine so valuable to me.

Anyone looking for an alternative to Unity can recommend the Godot Engine. Even though the Godot engine is not so well known, there are already some games that were developed with Godot.

I am still at the beginning of learning the Godot Engine, but I am happy to develop beautiful games. The wonderful thing is that you can write a code and compile the game, for example for iOS and Android.

Godot Engine is open source, without restrictions and without fees. So I think that Godot has a better stand over Unity.

For me as a German Developer for iOS, macOS and front end, I learn everything by myself. But in Germany you always need a document, which proofs you can do it! …

David Koenig

Swift (iOS, iPadOS & macOS) Developer

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