David Koenig
1 min readOct 10, 2017

For me as a German Developer for iOS, macOS and front end, I learn everything by myself. But in Germany you always need a document, which proofs you can do it! That is very sad and that is also the reason that you are not up to date most of the time.

I break with this point of view. I learn by myself every day, so I am aware for future projects. For now I am freelancing and developing for myself. In the near future I would like to code for some Tech firms, of course.

I started full-time coding four years ago. In my childhood I came in contact with coding and now I want to do it for living. In Germany, it is very difficult to learn coding in schools. You have to do it on your own. Germany is behind, but it has been getting better in the last years.

As a 34 years old young men, I am aware that some people say that you are too old for coding. But I think you are never too old or too young for coding. It is awesome, than for me the best years are still ahead.

So finally, I had a big journey and I will have a future journey as a Coder and Developer. Germany has made a big step forward, but still has to do some homework, so that it really has a bright future for Tech firms.