It is difficult sometimes

I find it difficult to write about myself. I hereby reveal my condition and condition as a Swift programmer. First of all, I love programming and especially with Apple’s Swift programming language.

I really appreciate the Swift (iOS) community, but I’m very introverted and also a little shy. That prevents me from networking more on the social platforms. Of course it is up to me to change that and it would be an easy one.

My real obstacle is that I have depression. This sometimes prevents me from concentrating more on my work. These depressions show up in such a way that on some days I am very listless and cannot organize my thoughts. These episodes then prevent me from tackling a structured daily routine.

Don’t get me wrong, I love programming, but I have to go back a few days a month. Even if I would like to program on these days, I have to shift down a gear.

I have learned to live with the depression, it is a constant companion and after all these years I deal with it very well. I don’t necessarily see it as a limitation, but more as an opportunity to learn from yourself. I am also motivated to keep going because sometimes it is more difficult for me than others.

I will continue to live my dream as a Swift developer, also with or because of my depression. There are many limitations a person can have. That’s exactly why I appreciate every day and look forward to what’s coming.

Swift (iOS, iPadOS & macOS) Developer

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